Saklikent is the 2nd largest canyon in Europe. It is 300 metres deep and 18 km long. A river runs through the gorge which you can walk along, following the mountain wall on a suspended walkway. During the summer months you can wade through the icy cold waters from the melted snow on the nearby mountain tops and take in the breathtaking scenery. The name Saklikent means ‘hidden city’ in Turkish.


The ancient city of Antiphellos, the Lycian sarcophagi that have survived from the ancient times and the antique theater of Kas with an impressive capacity of four thousand viewers are among the important historic legacies built in the 1st century BC.


The Greek island of Meis located in the Mediterranean Sea, is the closest island to Antalya. There are ferries leaving from Kaş to the island where you can undertake round tours. Hotel Cachet has the most magnificent views of the island.


‘Kekova’ is an island near by ‘Ucagiz’ village between ‘Kas’ and ‘Kale’. 30 minutes to drive from ‘Kas’. Sunken city and ancient village ‘Simena’ best place to see at ‘Kekova’.


Patara is another important historical site. The Patara Theater positioned on a hillside and with a viewer capacity of 10 thousand and the magnificent Patara Beach are some of the ancient sites you should visit.

Outdoors & Sports

Beside some very “classic” day trips such as Myra, Patara, Kekova & Sakklikent there are also lots of “sportive” activities such as hiking, sea-kayaking, paragliding, suba-diving, biking, jeep safaris and canyoning available.


Xanthos, Komba, Nisa and Kandyba are among the further ancient settlements bearing a variety of structures and monuments where visitors can engage in exploring the nature and the cultural heritage of the region.