use promotion code to get 15% better price 


How to use promotion code:


1-) Login to www.hotelcachet.com

2-) Click on ‘RATES’

3-) Add on calender:

* check-in date

* check-out date

* number of rooms

* number of people


4-) Click on ‘Search’

You will see two different prices

**first one: ‘Guaranteed Reservation Price’, 19% discounted.

**second one: ‘Early Reservation Price’, 10% discounted. 


5-) To get extra 10% discount:

*** Click on sentence of ”I have a promotion code”.

*** Enter the code in to box.

(For Early Reservation: ER20HC, for Guaranteed Reservation: ER20HC).

*** Click onto ”send”.


6-) You will see the new prices.

7-) Click onto ”select” to completed your booking.

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